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Over 85 Years
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Providing Expert Pest Control Services

Over 85 Years

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Got Pests? Presto-X is Here to Help!


Ants are highly socialized and organized six-legged insects that exist in colonies. The stubborn nature of ants makes them some of the most difficult pests to get rid of in commercial settings. Presto-X specialists have years of experience in ant removal and are experts in finding nests, removing infestations and creating barriers to prevent them from returning.

Bed Bugs

Small and stealthy, bed bugs are a source of great stress and worry for many homeowners and businesses. From chemical-free heat treatments to our canine bed bug inspections, Presto-X offers its customers the latest advances in bed bug treatments.


Termites cause an estimated $5 billion a year in property damage1. They don’t discriminate, either, and could damage businesses and homes alike. Presto-X offers a range of treatment options and termite protection plans to suit your needs.

Common Pests

Pests contaminate products, cause structural damage, and are serious public health concerns for homes and businesses. Presto-X experts have spent years developing detailed protocols to address pest issues in a wide variety of environments. The foundation of our pest prevention program has proven successful for our clients for over 85 years.

1. Source: https://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/household-hints-tips/insect-control/ termites-and-structural-property-damage.htm

1. Source: https://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/household-hints-tips/insect-control/termites-and-structural-property-damage.htm

Get the Pest Control Services You Need!

Since 1932, Presto-X has been providing expert pest control services guided by the enduring principles of providing world class service to our customers and taking care of our colleagues. Presto-X covers your home or business with expert knowledge, professionally licensed and trained technicians, and exemplary service designed specifically for you.

Year-Round Protection

Pests are never welcome in your home. They could be a serious health risk to your family and they could cause major damage to your home, internally and externally. Termites, in particular, could cause serious harm to your property. Highly trained, licensed pest professionals are essential to protect your home against pests. Pest protection offered by Presto-X for homeowners could help keep pests out of your home and your yard.
  • Local Knowledge

    Your local Presto-X professional will be familiar with the pests unique to your community, which will help them choose the most effective pest control program for your home.
  • Service Expertise

    All Presto-X technicians are state licensed, so you can relax knowing you are receiving great service.
  • The Presto-X Difference

    What sets us apart from our competitors is our personal touch. We understand you are entrusting the health of your family to us, and your technician will take great care in treating your home with respect.

Presto-X: Trusted Pest Control Since 1932

Presto-X was founded in 1932 in Omaha, Nebraska. Presto-X Pest Control has one goal – to provide you with world class quality pest management solutions. We understand the challenges unique to your home or industry and are equipped to provide you with a customized pest management program to meet your needs. Presto-X Pest Control and the Rentokil family of pest management companies have developed an unmatched level of service for our clients. Our Service Technicians proactively inspect and treat your business during each service visit.